To work Pro Bond is one of the options mÃs viable to obtain experience in diseño of games (and other disciplines) nevertheless can become in a nightmare if nontakings the suitable measures. Pro Bond means to work of voluntary way for the público good, without obtaining one remuneracià ³ n econà ³ mica. The best example of the industry of games occurs in the field of mods, the independent scene or projects initiated by fanÃticos to revivir some of his clÃsicos favorites.

With one metodolog├âa that implies to land a viable project (realistic), to calendarizar it and to form a work party with responsible people and it jeopardize, to work by love to the art can be ├â┬║nica experience. Lamentably mayor├âa of equipment fails in one or several points reason why the projects become ether to us, fantasiosos and some even generate pol├â┬ęmica when using intellectual properties without due autorizaci├â ┬│ n:

├éQu├â┬ę to do then so that your project is not in the limb by the centuries of the centuries? There am aqu├â seven recommendations.

1. Honest S├â┬ę

This section not only applies generally for the work but for your life; you must be honest with same you and dem├âs people. The honest being implies in being conscious of qu├â┬ę you know to do and cu├ânto you take in realizing it, this you ayudar├âto define a viable project, to execute it in its times and as├â to avoid hours of anguish being tried to solve something that you do not know.

One prÃctica habitual meaning that you so know everything to it with participating in a project, the problem is that by mÃs that you know to use Google and you have espÃritu of self-teaching estarÃs losing your time and the one of demÃs integral. It remembers that the fact of not gaining a cent does not imply that you can play with time of demÃs people.

2. The project is mÃ

This phrase aprend├â in the final project of the University and gives much weight him to the first point. The project is m├ânear s as far as your tastes and abilities, tambi├â┬ęn as far as your times and expenses. If est├âs by involucrarte in dise├â┬▒o of an accidental game for Facebook and you live it to you criticizing to your friendly to play Wars Mafia is not perhaps good for losing 3 months of your life dise├â┬▒├ândolo.

If there is a vacancy in the equipment of mods for a Conceptual Artist and you draw of carajo, it is not worth the pain, by mÃs that the project has to do with Aliens and you are fan of H.R Giger.


Moleskine IV (exp #34) (c) maxcx (Flickr)

3. It is hour to use an agenda

The agendas are not exclusive of sutties with life mon├â ┬│ tona and blue shirt; an agenda is the best friend than you can have when you become to the world of multi-task. To work in a project Pro Bond implies that you have another activity that remunerates econ├â micamente to you ┬│, perhaps est├â┬ęs studying or of plane you have a fianc2ee who absorbs to you (the time) like leech.

In order to take one double or triple successful life it is necessary that you organize your times, not you f├âes of the memory because you can lose center in some of the activities to be thinking about which you must make the rest of d├âa. It points your slopes, t├â ┬│ mate t├â┬ę and rel├âjate.

4. PrepÃ

The life is not simple and if outside darÃa egg, asà that prepÃrate to sacrifice some things if you embark in a project of this nature. It is important to have desire to make the things and many people even say to you that if you want, you can; what they do not say to you she is that everything is not to want and to become jackets mental, is necessary to materialize all those ideas and for that you need to dedicate part of your time. There am aquà the point where to count on an agenda he becomes vital, you must make a balance of the time that you spend in your activities and to machar the daily hours or weekly that dedicarÃs to the project.

To make sacrifices does not mean that you are going away to be enclaustrado in your house and to avoid each invitacià ³ n of your friendly to fortify themselves or to see one pelÃcula. Everything is not work and if it do not give time you for divertirte, you are going to finish operating to means project, the joke aquà is to know how to balance it. Diseñar games does not imply that all your life you must be with a control in the hand; great part of inspiracià ³ n comes from the nature and the human relations, asà that fits your time in such a way that you do not neglect your life.

5. ³ n keeps your ego in cajÃ

If your ego is as great as the teats of safe Sabrina you ganarÃs mÃmentioned s of one on the part of your compañeros of equipment. If you decide to only work because you have the complex of misunderstood artist or because nobody is mÃresponsible s that tú, equally tendrÃs that guardarte that ego. It remembers that diseñas your game for a público in especÃfico and algún moment tendrÃs that to put to the test it; the arrogance is the worse enemy of the diseñador and Pro is pronounced frequently in projects Bond with the excuse of how I do not gain silver, I do what it comes to me in desire.

By ├â┬║ltimo it remembers that a high ego can bring about blindness and disfunci├â er├â┬ęctil ┬│ n.


6. It avoids the projects based on other games or pelÃculas

He is com├â┬║n that in the heat of peloteo somebody throws the t├âpica idea ÔÇťto do remake of such game or pel├âculaÔÇŁ. It is suddenly that all in the equipment are fan├âticos of Lord of The Rings or Final Fantasy and is put to work in the so├â┬▒ado game. 99% of these projects are located in the unreal plane, take a├â┬▒os from development because the equipment tries to make it perfect and to end of accounts nica of a pair of lawyers crumbles by the call telef├â ┬│ who say you have 72 hours to eliminate the content or we will put a kilom├â┬ętrica demand to you. There is nothing frustrates m├âs that to see a├â┬▒os of work thrown the sweepings because of bad decisi├â ┬│ n at the beginning of the project.

7. Nonafternoons too much in a project

If you are nascent and you want to diseñar games the worse thing than you can do is embarcarte in projects that last an eternity. You only need foguearte with pequeños projects that you can execute in terms nonmajors to one or two months, or or with a reduced group collaborator. If you do not have idea by dà ³ nde to begin, are good references to realize prototypes in time record in Gamasutra. The best thing of this is than tendrÃs many projects to undergo different proposals from jugabilidad and therefore ganarÃs experience with the passage of the months.

If you begin in diseño of levels it generates one or two quarters to prove scripts; boceta pequeños levels of multiplayer apegÃndote to a jugabilidad clÃsica of deathmatch, does not matter that you use the textures that come by default with the game publisher. The valuable thing of the process is that you become familiar with mecÃnica of diseño and you finish the map.

In both cases tendrÃs many variants that to show in your portfolio at the time of requesting work. In the case of diseño of levels it has major weight to show the form to approach different problems from jugabilidad that to offer a gigantic map that you tomà ³ 3 años in realizing (and it only includes a game modality).

By ├â┬║ltimoÔÇŽ

Once contemplated these points it is hour to begin to work. If you live in pa├âs of Latinoam├â┬ęrica that is worth a mother to him dise├â┬▒o of games (as M├â┬ęxico) you are not scared to share your work with the rest of the world, or to look for collaborators who speak another language.

Necesitar├âs head fr├âa and much confidence in your work to leave ahead in a project of this type. The principle is m├âdif├âcil s but remembers that the ├â┬ęxito comes from cagar it without losing the enthusiasm time and time again.


Not me hab├âa taken the time to offer status of the project, perhaps many of you that you follow to me in Twitter have seen some bocetos in the ├â┬║ltimos d├âas. raz├â ┬│ n is that the project est├âaccepted, in fact it was accepted for one week, lamentably cruz├â ┬│ the E3, the WWDC and it did not give time to release it officially me. For that they do not know of qu├â┬ę carajos I speak, present├â┬ę a proposal of integral project to title me in the UAM, is something as├â like which in other universities it is known like ÔÇťThesisÔÇŁ, afortun├âdamente aqu├â I do not have to shoot thousands to me ochomil p├âginas of teor├âa pedorra but to present/display a project of dise├â┬▒o.

The proposal is a package of unballastable content (DLC) for the game Unreal Tournament 3. ├éBy qu├â┬ę? First raz├â ┬│ n: Master dise├â┬▒o of games, I believe that he is something that is been in my for a long time, nevertheless not me hab├âa taken the minutes to land a project, to document it as it must and to execute it in a period of established time.

The DLC counts on three maps for multiplayer including different modalities from game, is a stage of conceptualizacià ³ n, followed of the process of bocetaje and one documentacià ³ n of each map material product of múltiples that I have successfully obtained in all this time. The project trabajarÃunder one metodologÃa of diseño iterative, each map serÃtried until reaching the objective in jugabilidad (fluidity, distribucià ³ n of spaces and arms).

At the moment the first map is in stage of conceptualizacià ³ n, I am reading much to William Gibson and Phillip K Dick. With this data and the following imÃgenes can have an idea of the way towards which I go. ;)

Publisher of the Unreal Engine 3

dise├â┬▒o of games is something in which been I have put the ├â┬║ltimos a├â┬▒os, perhaps not of complete time by the amount of work which I have, nevertheless decid├â that is hour to put it like priority if I want that it helps to pay the accounts me of my oldness. I made adjustments in my study of work: Coloqu├â┬ę my two books b├âsicos to the front: Rules of Play and Fundamentals of Game Design (Ernest Adams) as├â like a series of forms that I have of dise├â┬▒o of levels. Everything with the purpose of to give starting to the new integral project (thesis, final project, as you want to call to him) of my race of Dise├â┬▒o Gr├âfico in the UAM.

Being conscious that the task was not simple yesterday present├â┬ę an initial proposal taking like subject manipulaci├â emotional ┬│ n to trav├â┬ęs from dise├â┬▒o from levels. Despu├â┬ęs of one explicaci├â thorough ┬│ n of c├â ┬│ mo to try to manipulate to the user to trav├â┬ęs of dise├â┬▒o of situations in virtual spaces, the adviser concluy├â ┬│ that was something too ambitious to land. Under the argument of which ÔÇťthe hiper-realistic games of now take 10 a├â┬▒os in becoming and require two thousand people and million of d├â ┬│ laresÔÇŁ the proposal intent├â ┬│ to be sent to the congeladora. Afortun├âdamente venia preparation with an argument of which dise├â┬▒o of levels is an integral discipline and is not the whole in the development of games. With this entend├â 3 things:

  • You must be safe than you want to do and to communicate it so that all understand.
  • To negotiate is b├âsico, since it is possible that your idea does not pass the filter. If it does not happen through questions of ignorance (as in the University) you must negotiate in such a way that you leave winning. The point of comunicaci├â ┬│ n is key, if they buy the idea to you in the first point, habr├âfew things that to negotiate.
  • That ┬│ n does not gain pasi├â to you. He is com├â┬║n that when speaking of a subject which you dominate or poni├â┬ęndote gets passionate to you you can lose the sanity the bandage of fanboy in the eyes. Yesterday evit├â┬ę cafe├âna, dorm├â or and my nerves (or fanaticism) dej├â┬ę kept in house.

In university like UAM Azcapotzalco, where the videojuegos are understood by animacià ³ n, things of ingenierÃa or clubs where they meet nerds, is là ³ gico that is difÃcil to land a project of diseño of games. The teachers think that aficià is an idiot ³ n for niños or of plane ³ n of the developer elevates so much profesià that is impossible the mortal student to accede to a project of this type.

He does not matter that there is cap├âtulo student of the IGDA or that the University est├â┬ę interested in putting in the program of Average Pro, matters either that Rules of Play and other six books of dise├â┬▒o and development are in the library. The projects that they have to always do with videojuegos ser├ân dif├âciles to authorize, nonimpossible but s├â dif├âciles while the teachers and advisers contin├â┬║en with a mentality 1.0.

The following week I present/display the case, acompañado of visual references and informacià ³ n that endorses that I can execute the project without misfortunes.

PS. This post became to average tremor of 5,9 degrees of azot├â ┬│ the City of M├â┬ęxico

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6 May 2009

Andr├â┬ęs Iniesta celebrates the goal (c) Photo AP

Today prepar├â┬ę a cocktail snack, saqu├â┬ę a pair of bottles of Pac├âfico of the refrigerator and sent├â┬ę to see one me of the parties that m├âs me has estresado in the ├â┬║ltimas weeks.

Barcelona jugà ³ the worse party of año against the Chelsea, even asà encontrà ³ the goal of último minute that him valià ³ the ticket to Rome. That means that I need mÃs cocktail snack and mÃs beers for the 27 of May.

Sailing in I have been east video narrated by Kyle Gabler (2D Boy) where a series of advice enlists to only develop a game in 48 hours. ├éBy qu├â┬ę somebody querr├âa to generate a game in so just a short time? In order to become famous, to have it absorbs and women despu├â┬ęs to win in the Global Game Jam.

The interesting thing is that these advice go perfect for whom they wish to begin in the development of videojuegos. First and the último advice applies practically to any person who wishes to begin in the way of the development of videojuegos: You do not compete with a game AAA and my favorite:

Never Fall in Love
The 2nd Theorem of Destruction says: Ace love and effort INCREASE, the probability of SELF DESTRUCTION approaches 1

Link: ├ó ┬Ç ┬ť How to Make to Game in 48 Hours├ó ┬Ç ┬Ł (Video by 2D Boy) []

Super Mario Chess Collectors Edition

I do not believe that the sexual preferences of Luigi need to explain themselves again, but Nintendo has made clear that to the ÔÇťbrotherÔÇŁ of Mario it likes the rice with straw and that of incesto occurs him very well. The Super Mario Chess Collector' s Edition is official product of Nintendo and vender├âby $40 USD with Luigi as it reigns of the white.

Link: Super Mario Chess Collector' s Edition [Entertainment Earth, vÃa CrunchGear]

you go Software is compa├â┬▒├âa that inici├â ┬│ everything, many hablar├ân of Nintendo or Space Invaders but true disruption in the industry of videojuegos was Doom in 1993. Histories of fame, rockstars, ferraris and ÔÇťwhen its donatesÔÇŁ have defined to this study, nevertheless few have idea of c├â ┬│ mo was the life in that office.

John Rosemary anuncià ³ by means of tendrÃa today ready Twitter that the video (transferred of VHS) engraving in 1993 that counts on 30 minutes of scenes of the life of several members during the final stage of Doom. explicacià ³ n of Bobby Prince, deathmatch of Rosemary or the effects of SNES sound does not have price. Only for nostÃlgicos

Link: planet

The photo of idol and fanss

I yesterday had the fortune to attend conference Creating Sees Pro of Sebastian Enrique, FIFA developer, in which the process of gestaci├â was explained ┬│ n of this modality. I must confess that I am fanboy that way of game well and me guard├â┬ę the commentary of fanss not to flatter its work when initiating the interview.

We chat around 20 minutes and prepar├â┬ę some very espec├âficas questions about his posici├â ┬│ n in the industry, its paper like dise├â┬▒ador in a tax exemption like FIFA and opini├â ┬│ n of the market of development in Latin Am├â┬ęrica. It listened to as it I gave account that is an enthusiastic one of its work, pl├âtica advanced and to little by little emoci├â infected that you ┬│ n. Sebastian is a very simple person and with the Earth feet, nothing to rockstar like that Japanese mamilas.

The event was focused for the p├â┬║blico developer and not it s├â┬ę, but it gave impresi├â ┬│ me n that mayor├âa of assistants was in the audience to make suggestions or to ask the new ways of game of FIFA 10. Two people only made questions very b├âsicas: ├éC├â ┬│ mo you began to develop videojuegos? and ├éCu├ânto time you took in being contracted by EA? By the way, this informaci├â ┬│ n this in his website.

Of in outside we listened to questions like ├é thereBy qu├â┬ę not to do 15 seasons instead of 4? ├éBy qu├â┬ę I cannot play the world-wide one? etc etc. Is one l├âstima, would have preferred an audience who flooded with questions m├âs espec├âficas of his funci├â ┬│ n, the stages of the development or if hac├âa prototypes in paper.

In we made the cover live and they already can read the interview. S├â ┬│ I made a question of FIFA 10 ├éthey know by qu├â┬ę? Because dir├âa was 99% certainly ÔÇťI cannot advance nothingÔÇŁ.

Quake Live Mac

The ├â┬║ltimas two weeks I have lived it to me in Mac having worked, when arriving the night finishes giving egg me to connect the PC to play, as├â that instal├â┬ę everything what I have in h├âbridos discs. With Call of 3 Duty 4, Quake and Spore I have had to relax now in short whiles and that abri├â ┬│ the beta of Quake Live not dud├â┬ę in putting to prove the service. Lamentably podr├â┬ę not to do it because versi├â present ┬│ n is exclusive of users of Windows.

Carmack said that they are working to forced marches in the compatibility and that the versions of Linux and Mac are until above in their list of priorities. I do not doubt that est├â┬ęn ready soon, nevertheless is m├âstrong s my anxiety that terminar├â┬ę to connect in minutes the PC and to prove Quake Live. That if the waiting list does not put me in place 2876 like last night.

Team Fortress 2

Surely they have been asked: ├éQu├â┬ę equipment I need to develop videojuego? The possibilities of choosing are infinite and they always tend to go away by m├âpowerful s. In order to limit a little, Valve has shared the specifications of the equipment that uses to develop as much games as updates in their Steam platform. These configurations change every 18 months reason why I leave to the present list and the one them that is planned to implement shortly.

To continue readingÔÇŁ

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